D4P Drawers for Pharmacies

D4P is the brand registered by METAL APOTHEKA, S.A. for the sale of metal drawer units for pharmacies, hospitals and other establishments with product storage requirements.

Our international experience, the ever-growing popularity of our drawer units all over the world and the increasing demand for our products in developing countries are just some of the reasons why we have decided to create a brand and a division within our business organisation primarily dedicated to the export of our drawer units for pharmacies and hospitals.


Because we are the best choice.

Because we meet the deadlines agreed with our customers for the delivery of their finished drawer cabinets. Our timeliness and reliability are just two of our differentiating qualities.

Because we consistently invest in the best means of production, technology, process automation and robotisation in order to deliver on our constant commitment to quality.

Because we are flexible with each production run since we are able to modify the production processes according to the needs of each customer.

Because we are fast and responsive in providing the best solutions for the needs that arise.